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Besuch vom White Horse Theatre: Amazing!

On Friday, May 12, 2017, the White Horse Theatre performed their play ”Move to Junk” in our beautiful school hall. It was their 15th annual performance at our school.

The play is about a girl called Amanda who is going to a new school. Unfortunately, she doesn’t find new friends easily among her classmates because she is a bit different than the other girls. This is because she likes to play football. Amanda’s classmates don’t let her participate in class events. Then they start bullying her by putting fake pictures of her on the internet. It becomes worse every day. Amanda is told that nobody wants her to be in their class. In the end, some of the bullies even instruct her to hang or drown herself. Although the majority of the class finally realizes that it was wrong to hurt Amanda in that way, they cannot prevent her from committing suicide.

The four British actors Ffion Evans, Liam Atton, Marc Woodhouse and Kate Dewar played their roles convincingly. They spoke really clearly so we could understand the play quite well. We liked the play a lot because of the thought-provoking topic cyberbullying. After all, it can affect all of us.

After the play, we had the chance to ask the actors questions. When we got to know that the actors had only six days to rehearse the play, we were really surprised.

Some students of class FOS 12d

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