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Gastspiel des White Horse Theatre: Two Gentlemen

The play “Two Gentlemen“, performed by the “White Horse Theatre“ and written by Peter Griffith, is a modern adaptation of the Shakespeare comedy “Two Gentlemen of Verona“. We – the BOS 13– watched it on the 28th of May 2018 at our school hall. It deals with two teenagers from England falling in love with the same girl despite being best friends.

In the beginning, two friends called Vincent and Pierce attend a school in England. Julia who also goes to this school and Pierce are a couple. One day, Vincent‘s father sends Vincent off to a boys only boarding school called Malchester. At this school, Vincent falls in love with a girl called Silvia who is the only girl there because she’s the headmaster’s daughter. A few months later, Pierce is send to Malchester by his father, as well. Since Julia and Pierce won’t be seeing each other for a long time, they feel very sad. To prove their endless love, they exchange rings. When arriving in Malchester, Pierce meets his best friend Vincent who introduces him to Silvia. Pierce falls in love with her immediately. From now on, Pierce forgets about his “old“ love Julia and even about his close friendship to Vincent. Meanwhile, Julia writes a lot of letters to Pierce which he refuses to response to. Julia is sceptical about Pierce’s behaviour, thus, she dresses up as a boy, calls herself Sebastian and goes to Malchester. Pierce reveals to a teacher that Vincent is about to visit Silvia at night in order to make Vincent getting expelled from school for disobeying the rules. Afterwards, Pierce tries to sweep Silvia off her feet. Furthermore, he confesses his love to Silvia by giving her the ring he had exchanged with Julia before he went to Malchester. Sebastian finds out that Pierce doesn´t respond to her love letters because he loves Silvia. Subsequently, Sebastian reveals that he is Julia and shows the ring with the engraving „Pierce“ to Silvia.

To make matters worse, Vincent finds out that Pierce has betrayed him. Silvia, Julia and Vincent are really angry about Pierce’s dishonest plan. However, Vincent forgives Pierce and tells him that he can date Silvia instead of him. Silvia feels cheated. That’s why she kicks Vincent in the balls. In the exact same manner Julia demonstrates that she is quite gutted about Pierce’s behaviour. In the end, Pierce and Vincent remain friends and so become Silvia and Julia.

In class, we discussed the play. All of us agreed that the actors played very well. We understood the language easily and shared the opinion that the four actors spoke clearly. However, some of us criticised that the topic of the play rather fits to a younger audience and that the plot was quite unrealistic.

written by Joschka Kmetsch and Saskia Behrens

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